Biopesticides and related biological control measures have emerged as the fastest growing segment within the traditional pesticide market. And now for the first time, there's a comprehensive report that provides an in-depth analysis of the entire biopesticide and biological control marketplace.

DunhamTrimmer, LLC, announces the release of its first edition of the Biological Control Industry Overview - Companies & Products.

This detailed report provides more than 1,600 pages of comprehensive market analysis on 104 companies and 1,118 products in the biopesticide market segment. And, because of the dynamic nature of the biopesticide and biological control marketplace, the report includes regular updates with all the latest news and information.

"Our Biological Control Industry Overview details the leaders in the global biopesticide marketplace, as well as the technologies under development throughout the world," says Bill Dunham, founding partner of DunhamTrimmer. "The worldwide biocontrol marketplace is extremely complex, and our report provides a detailed roadmap to the market."

DunhamTrimmer LLC is the brainchild of Dunham and Mark Trimmer. Both are veterans of the crop protection and biological control industry, and determined that what was lacking for this growing market segment was a go-to place for industry information.

"With literally hundreds of companies producing thousands of biological products, research is imperative so customers can receive the right information and right data," says Mark Trimmer. "DunhamTrimmer has the unique combination of an international network, broad market experience and a thorough understanding of the global biological control market."

DunhamTrimmer's sole focus is the global biological and natural product plant protection and plant health market sector. "We can bring you information and an understanding on this growing market," Trimmer says. "Our report provides an unprecedented overview of the companies, products and technology available in the marketplace today."

The Biological Control Industry Overview - Companies & Products is available from DunhamTrimmer as a yearly subscription, and includes regular critical market updates delivered to subscribers.

With release of the Biological Control Industry Overview, DunhamTrimmer is also launching the company's enhanced web site ( "We have developed the site as a tool for news and information critical to the biopesticide marketplace," Dunham says. "And as the marketplace grows, we will expand the role of our site to provide updated market information."

In addition to the Biological Control Industry Overview, DunhamTrimmer provides critical market intelligence to its customers. "Our services include in-depth analysis within the biological control marketplace, as well as consulting services that draw on our market experience and market research," Trimmer says.

Market segments served include: biocontrol/biopesticide producing companies, biocontrol/biopesticide distribution companies, crop protection companies, venture capital groups, and major food marketing and food producing companies.

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