Koch Agronomic Services, LLC announced the addition of two new nitrogen stabilizers to the Agrotain product family – Agrotain Advanced and Agrotain Dri-Maxx.

Agrotain Advanced stabilizer is a patent-pending, concentrated liquid formulation. Based on laboratory and commercial-use trials, this stabilizer has improved performance at a reduced use rate which minimizes the potential for buildup during blending and applications.

Agrotain Dri-Maxx stabilizer is an improved, lower use rate, patented dry formulation of Agrotain stabilizer. This highly concentrated dry formulation offers improved handling characteristics as well as better flowability of the treated fertilizer. The product adheres to urea granules without adding additional moisture to the blend, minimizing the potential for build-up.

“With these new Agrotain stabilizer products, we are realizing our goal of anticipating the needs of retailers and their grower customers by delivering innovative, proprietary technologies,” said Stan Koster, senior vice president, Koch Agronomic Services, LLC. “Understanding the complexities of nutrient management, this expanded product portfolio aligns with protecting liquid and dry nitrogen fertilizers against potential loss, giving retailers and growers added peace of mind.”

Both new stabilizer products will be available this fall (2014) across the United States market. Expansion into other countries is pending regulatory approval.

Agrotain stabilizer is recognized as a premier urease enzyme inhibitor technology that helps protect nitrogen from ammonia volatilization. The stabilizer has 20 years of proven performance and is supported by more than 1,000 global research trials being applied across millions of commercial acres in 60 countries, explained Koster.

More information is available at www.agrotain.com or www.agrotain.com/newproducts.