Dalton Ag Products manufacturing in the southern Iowa town of Lenox, the builders of fertilizer application equipment marketed under the Dalton and Mobility brands, has been purchased by the diverse Dexter Apache Holdings company based in the southeast Iowa town of Fairfield.

The Des Moines Register reported Cox Manufacturing Co., operating as Dalton Ag Products, was founded in 1996 and builds products for dry fertilizer and liquid nitrogen application, including tool bars, spreaders, tanks and trailers.

Dexter Apache, with name changes and acquisitions through the years, has ties back to1894. It was started to manufacture washing machine, which it continues to build today for commercial laundries. With several divisions under different names, Dexter Apache manufactures a diverse mixture of other products including refrigerator equipment, industrial computers servers and storage devices. It also has a financial services group.

The Des Moines Register quoted Patrick Albregts, Dexter Apache’s president, who said the purchase further diversifies Dexter Apache’s portfolio of companies and “leverages its competencies as a provider of high quality, highly engineered products.”

Rob Cox, Dalton’s owner and president, will continue to lead the Lenox operation, Albregts reportedly announced. Cox was quoted as saying the acquisition by Dexter Apache will be “a major boost to Dalton’s future growth.”