The J. R. Simplot Company has begun producing a new line of high-quality NPK liquid crop nutrient products.

The new products, which have varying levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, are designed for a wide array of applications, including foliar, banding, drip irrigation, and in-furrow. Because the products are neutral solutions, each with a very low salt index, they can be safely placed on or next to seeds at recommended label rates, thereby allowing more efficient access to nutrients during germination, according to the company.

Simplot currently is producing the new products in limited quantities at its Pocatello, Idaho, fertilizer manufacturing facility.

As a basic producer of both purified phosphoric acid and super phosphoric acid at the Pocatello facility, the company’s new initiative is a natural fit to meet the increasing demands for efficient nutrient placement, according to John Malinowski, vice president, business development and marketing.

“The long-term objective will be to produce a full line of the highest-quality liquid fertilizers with chemical and physical characteristics designed to meet specific applications in a wide range of nutrient delivery systems,” he said.