Morton Buildings, an industry leader for post-frame construction of machine storage buildings, horse barns, custom homes and commercial facilities, has new construction practices available for building structures that might fit the needs of ag retailers and other agricultural operations with big equipment. Keeping tender trucks and applicators out of the weather hasn’t been common, but Morton has the ability to construct bigger clear-span buildings these days with even longer lifespan potential because of a new foundation system.

Morton Building’s new concrete foundation system eliminates wood in the ground and utilizes specifically designed components and precast concrete columns to provide superior strength and increased durability in all climate conditions.  “Our new precast concrete columns are specifically designed by our company and for all our buildings,” says Brian Haraf, Morton Buildings marketing manager.

Morton’s proprietary concrete mix uses the latest technology in concrete. This formula uses ingredients to create a concrete that inhibits steel rebar corrosion, withstands shock, increases durability to freeze and thaw and gives an attractive, smooth concrete finish with a 10,000 psi compressive strength. “Our concrete strength is 2.5 times greater than a typical concrete foundation wall and footing system,” Haraf explains. “Some of the tallest buildings in the world use similar high-performance concrete to achieve heights that only this type of concrete can support.”

In addition to the concrete columns, the new foundation system leverages additional components for added strength and stability. These include internal, threaded-adjustment brackets providing a level framing point and anchoring the building against wind uplift; stainless splashboard brackets with superior corrosion resistance to the elements; and internal column connectors, custom-designed to connect to Morton’s custom-tailored, laminated wood columns and provide a rigid structural connection.

Joining the new concrete foundation system debut is Morton Building’s hybrid building structure. “We are excited to provide these new building offerings to the agricultural industry,” says Haraf. “The size and quantity of machines operations utilize continue to grow.  Building structures need to advance to accommodate these industry trends, and that’s where our hybrid building structure is a perfect solution.”

Haraf pointed out the superior insulating properties, aesthetics and affordability of a wood frame building with the strength and size capabilities of steel. And steel is the secret to the clear span potential. The steel trusses in the Morton hybrid buildings allow for greater door clearance, giving owners the ability to use bigger doors with shorter walls, allowing for a lower profile building. The hybrid building also provides for more interior space. Allowing for a clear-span building up to 150 feet, owners of the hybrid building structure can experience 33 percent more space and additional interior clearance compared to traditional wood-frame construction.

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