The Pursuit of 300: The Road To Higher Yields is a new platform introduced by The Mosaic Company for industry-wide conversation around reaching future grain production requirements. Talking with real farmers and facilitating conversations about innovation in agriculture, the Pursuit of 300 will follow a group of farmers throughout the Corn Belt, chronicling their victories, challenges and creative solutions as they seek to raise the bar on corn production possibilities.

Farmers are ready to step up to the plate to meet the food needs of a growing world population. To feed billions more people with the same amount of land and resources, getting more bushels per acre is the only way to stay ahead of growth.

For some corn growers, 300 bushels per acre might seem like an unattainable number. However, by bringing together all facets of the corn production chain, the agriculture community can conquer and surpass the 300-bushel barrier.

“We’ve found several highly innovative farmers from around the region who are willing to talk to us about their operations and show others what they are doing to produce more grain,” says Kevin Kimm, senior director of marketing at The Mosaic Company. “For these farmers, the Pursuit of 300 is not just a test plot or a yield contest; it’s 100 acres of land managed to improve yields by combining the latest in forward-thinking research, ideas and technology with the practices that suit their land best. We’re interested in using the Pursuit of 300 acres to determine effective full-farm techniques to boost yield in the future.”

Since 1980, American farmers have increased corn production by 88 percent. Farms have improved the efficiency of their use of fertilizers like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium by 50 percent in corn production. The adoption of variable rate technologies, high-yield corn hybrids, micronutrient application, improved weed and disease control tools and state-of-the-art agronomic practices has boosted yields to all-time highs, with experts from all parts of the industry contributing to the high-yield success story.

The Pursuit of 300 opens the doors to operations of farmers across the country to begin a dialogue at the community level that connects to the next generation of the high-yield conversation already happening within the industry.

“The Pursuit of 300 will connect farmers, retailers, agronomists and university researchers to share information about their best practices,” Kimm says. “It will be great to see how things happening locally can improve things for agriculture on a global scale.”

To support the initiative, Mosaic has created a number of tools for spreading the word about the Pursuit of 300

  • A central digital hub at to support the high-yield discussion and best practices that will move the industry forward.
    • A key element of the site is a blog created by experts from agronomy, retail, research and farmers which will give industry-level analysis of trends that make significant impacts on farming.
    • Conversations on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, at trade shows and in other venues will keep farmers up-to-date on the latest results and advancements that are helping inch forward to the next yield goal.
    • Unfenced magazine, the home of rich stories on the latest yield-boosting techniques. 

In all outlets the program will highlight a specially selected group of farmers, who will share their experience, lead the dialogue, and demonstrate forward thinking as they move through a full production year.

The Pursuit of 300: The Road to Higher Yields program officially kicks off at the 2012 Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa on August 28–30, 2012. The digital hub,, and Unfenced magazine will also launch at that same time.