Cheminova announces additional crop registrations for Topguard, a broad spectrum triazole fungicide.

Topguard fungicide's row crop registration has been expanded to include field corn, field corn grown for seed, popcorn, sugar beets and peanuts, in addition to soybeans. The Topguard fungicide specialty crop label has been expanded also. It now includes pome fruit-apple, crabapple, loquat and quince as well as stone fruit-sweet cherry, tart cherry, apricot, nectarine, peach, plum, Chicksaw plum, Damson plum, Japanese plum and prune.

"We are pleased to add these crops to Topguard's labels. We look forward to more growers reaping the benefit of applying Topguard to more crops. Topguard is a top-performing fungicide with curative and preventive properties. In many situations, its unique chemistry makes Topguard, with the active ingredient flutriafol, an excellent choice to prevent fungicide resistance and handle tough diseases not effectively controlled by other chemistry," says Deneen Sebastian, Cheminova fungicide portfolio manager.

Growers should consult their local crop protection dealer to learn more about Topguard.