TJ Technologies Inc., an agricultural company based in Watertown, S.D., dedicated to developing and providing plant-focused microbial technologies and micronutrient products to growers, announced that it has reached an agreement where Beck’s Superior Hybrid’s will treat seed corn with a proprietary formula designed specifically for Beck’s of the TJ Technologies' QuickRoots seed treatment. 

“QuickRoots has demonstrated proven performance on a wide variety of crops for many years, and now we’re pleased that an organization as well respected as Beck’s Superior Hybrids is applying this technology to their corn seed so their customers can benefit”, says TJ Technologies President Tom Johnson.

Scott Beck, vice president for Beck’s added, “After several years of evaluation, we are confident that the seed treatment technology contained in this proprietary formula offers our customers a significant benefit in early season performance leading to increased yields. We are pleased to add this to our very successful Escalate Yield Enhancement system package."

Beginning with the spring 2013 growing season, all of Beck’s corn seed will have this microbial seed treatment technology on seed.