H.J. Baker & Bro., Inc. announced that as part of its continued commitment to customer service and to providing the best sulphur bentonite products possible, it has established Tiger-U for its Tiger-Sul Products. The initial areas of focus will be: Education – the research to ensure products perform as designed as well as the development of  new products, technologies and proprietary information on the agronomics and the economics of the sulphur bentonite industry; and Operations – the safe handling, manufacturing and delivery of consistent and uniform products;

H.J. Baker’s Tiger-Sul products have long been leaders in the sulphur bentonite industry.  With the announcement of Tiger-U, H.J. Baker is bringing to bear its long history of expertise and commitment to customer service to create an education program unparalleled in the industry today.  Wesley Haun, Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) with a MS in Plant and Soil Science will be teaching the curriculum.

Christopher V. B. Smith, President and CEO of H.J. Baker and Bro., Inc. stated: “This is an exciting time for our Tiger-Sul products.  These products continue to be the sought after solution to sulphur bentonite nutrient needs, we have looked for ways to challenge ourselves to deliver even better products with the research behind them.  We have developed a proprietary curriculum that we feel will allow our employees, our products and our research capabilities to be industry leaders far into the future.” 

Smith continued: “Not only will we provide to you the best product possible, we will make sure it does what we say it will do and we will lead this industry into the future by doing the research today that answers the needs of customers tomorrow.”

The Tiger-Sul pastillation process produces especially uniform Sulphur Bentonite products.   These products encompass environmentally-friendly features such as a season-long release of nutrients that minimizes nutrient loss to the environment while improving plant availability.  Many of H.J. Baker’s Tiger-Sul products are also listed for use in organic farming systems.