Novozymes BioAg, a bioinnovations company, has created a new department and team called the Seed Industry Group to focus on applications of Novozymes technologies at the seed company level.

Looking at potential for bioinnovation, Novozymes decided to focus on the seed for advances to help farmers increase crop yield. Dorn Severtson, business manager USA for Novozymes, said, “Novozymes leads the industry in the development of beneficial biological products that enhance plant fertility and maximize yield potential. Seed application of the products delivers these benefits to the crop even sooner for greater impact from the season’s start.”

Allan Basnight, a 33-year employee of Novozymes and its legacy companies, is heading up a newly created team. His team will include three regional sales representatives. They will support seed companies to help make Novozymes’ current and new products available in-the-bag to growers. Novozymes’ seed industry team will work independently of the field sales teams, so the sales force can continue to provide the service that ag retailers and growers need from Novozymes.

Current seed-applied products from Novozymes BioAg include Torque ST for corn, Cue for soybeans, and Optimize Gold and Nitragin Gold for alfalfa.

Basnight said, “Our goal is to provide technology that enables farmers—and the seed companies that serve them—to maximize the genetics of the seed they are planting, in a convenient and profitable way.”