Highway Equipment Company, the manufacturer of New Leader crop nutrient applicators, recently introduced the Size Grade Number (SGN) and Hardness Test Kit, available now through authorized New Leader dealers. The SGN and Hardness Test kit allows end-users to define the granular characteristics of a product and help to determine the proper spinner settings for optimal product spread.

“Not all fertilizer products are the same - product can vary by granule size and hardness,” said Craig Fenstermaker, New Leader product manager. “By determining the characteristics of the specific product you’re spreading, the New Leader G4 fan assembly can easily be adjusted to maximize your spread pattern. We highly recommend conducting an SGN & Hardness test prior to each season and before using a new product.”

Each SGN & Hardness Test kit comes with an SGN scale, hardness tester and carrying case. For more information on conducting an SGN & Hardness test as well as to purchase a kit, please contact your authorized New Leader dealer.