Iowans involved in corn ethanol production and Bob Dineen, head of the Renewable Fuels Association, see challenges to ethanol production expansion but think the future can remain bright if the general population and Congress continue to support the transition from petroleum-based energy to more ethanol—both corn ethanol and cellulosic ethanol.

Gene Lucht, Iowa Farmer Today, quoted Dineen as saying, ““It’s just gotten bizarre.” He explained how the petroleum industry is fighting ethanol earning an additional share of the gasoline business. One false concern is that the one-third gallon of gasoline in gas pump fill hoses could cause problems for vehicles not authorized to burn E15 (15 percent ethanol) gasoline. As Dineen noted this fill hose leftover has never been projected as a problem in the past. But increasing ethanol use from 10 percent of a gallon to 15 percent cuts the petroleum industry income.

The additional 5 percent of ethanol being added to gasoline is not being mandated. The EPA is only approving its use in certain models of vehicles, and the indications are that the general public is being confused into believing misinformation and misconceptions.

“Ultimately you need the larger demand E15 gives you if you’re going to continue to grow,” Dineen said.

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