In November, New Hampshire’s House Environment and Agriculture Committee voted 12-8 against a bill that would have required that food containing genetically modified ingredients be labeled. Even though the bill was not considered dead, it slowed the momentum gathering in the Northeast by other states that passed similar legislation but also required other contiguous states to approve similar measures.

This week, New Hampshire state Reps. Tara Sad and Bob Haefner issued a statement explaining why they opposed the measure to label GM ingredients in food. Rep. Sad is chairman of the House Environment & Agriculture Committee, and Rep. Haefner is ranking minority member of the committee.

The Representatives opposed the bill because they say there hasn’t been any credible scientific study showing that GM food is harmful or different, and many legal experts have told them that the bill is unconstitutional and unenforceable. In addition, they are concerned that the court challenges to the bill, which many consider inevitable, would prove costly for the state.

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