North Dakota State University (NDSU) Extension recently released a pest management app that combines select information from the NDSU Weed Guide, Disease Management Guide, and Insect Management Guide.

Information is grouped by crop and pest and providing control options through a selection process. Once a user selects a control card, there is a drop down that allows a user to select additional information for further review. 

The app will provide several benefits to the user compared to the print version. The app can be updated throughout the year, as opposed to on an annual basis. The app will be searchable within each category, which will allow users a quick way to find a pest or management aid quickly and efficiently.

The totally free app is available for both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets users in their respective app stores, or click on this link

Funding for the project was generously provided by: Northern Plains Potato Growers Association, North Dakota Corn Utilization Council, North Dakota Soybean Council, North Dakota Wheat Commission, Sugarbeet Research and Education Board, National Sunflower Association, and Northarvest Bean Growers.