Two of the quickest responses to the President’s State of the Union address were released within the hour of President Obama completing his comments. Those statements came from National Corn Growers Association Chairman Bart Schott and Adam Monroe, president of Novozymes North America.

Logically, both are enthusiastic that the President will continue to support renewable energy and they expect that to include corn ethanol production and cellulosic ethanol production. Novozymes claims to be the global leader in producing enzymes that turn biomass into biofuels, and corn growers have received a good return for its grain since ethanol production has exploded.

“It’s proven that home-grown, renewable energy can put steel in the ground, create jobs and power our economy. Working with the President, we can help America become less dependent on foreign oil and a smarter consumer of energy,” Monroe said. “Innovations like advanced biofuels can play a major role in the President’s vision but we need steady policies like the Renewable Fuel Standard – and we look forward to working Congress to preserve them.”

Schott’s statement is here. “The National Corn Growers Association is pleased to hear President Obama’s continued commitment to the nation’s energy independence during his State of the Union address. The American ethanol industry answered the call nearly 30 years ago to provide feedstock for a domestically produced renewable energy source. Today, that same feedstock constitutes more than 10 percent of the nation’s fuel and continues to provide a bountiful supply of corn to our long term customers.

“The corn ethanol industry has proven that good government policy sends signals to the market place for producers to increase production and efficiencies. As family corn farmers have risen to the challenge to meet our nation’s energy needs, we are hopeful the direction the President outlined tonight offers similar opportunities for others to expand our energy independence.”