Syngenta announced it has received federal registration for Vibrance seed treatment fungicide for more than 30 additional crops, including corn.

Vibrance contains sedaxane, which is from the SDHI class of fungicides and is the company’s first active ingredient developed specifically for use as a seed treatment. The revolutionary chemistry unlocks the power of root health by providing ideal soil mobility and enhancing biotic/abiotic stress management. This RootingPower results in stronger, healthier roots, which help build a powerful foundation for robust yield.

In field corn, Vibrance will be sold in combination with the market-leading Maxim Quattro seed treatment fungicide. Maxim Quattro currently combines the active ingredients mefenoxam, fludioxonil, azoxystrobin and thiabendazole. With the addition of sedaxane, the Vibrance/Maxim Quattro combination will provide best-in-class Rhizoctonia activity.

“Vibrance demonstrates the continued commitment to seed treatment innovation at Syngenta,” said David Winston, Seedcare product lead. “This addition to our diverse portfolio further strengthens our ability to protect seeds and seedlings against disease, which otherwise may impact yield potential negatively.”

In addition to field corn, Vibrance received EPA approval for sweet corn, popcorn and forage corn, as well as sorghum and dry beans. The EPA previously approved Vibrance for use on cereals, soybeans and canola. It is already available as part of the following solutions: Avicta Complete Beans applied with Vibrance, and CruiserMaxx Beans applied with Vibrance in soybeans, CruiserMaxx Vibrance Cereals and Vibrance Extreme in cereals, and Helix Xtra applied with Vibrance in canola.