Monsanto Company has been investing in several image campaigns in the last couple years—campaigns to improve its image with the general public and also to educate about real farming and ranching.

The company's lastest image campaign continues with new television advertising under the banner of the “America’s Farmers” campaign. This advocacy television campaign that focuses on raising awareness about modern American agriculture launches Thanksgiving Day in selected markets.

“America’s farm families have an amazing story to tell – and Monsanto is continuing its ‘America’s Farmers’ campaign to help them tell it. On Thanksgiving Day, Monsanto will launch the next wave of television commercials aimed at illustrating the important role of America’s farm families and modern agriculture in meeting the needs of our growing world,” the company announced.

“This Thanksgiving, as people sit down to enjoy dinner with their family and friends, we hope to encourage them to take a moment and thank those who make it all possible – America’s farm families,” said spokesperson Jessica Simmons. “As an agriculture company, Monsanto is proud to advocate on behalf of America’s farmers as they work tirelessly to provide plentiful food, clothing and energy for our country and the world.”

Monsanto has sponsored several other programs including “America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education” for school districts to earn grants to enhance math and/or science education and “America’s Farmers Grow Communities” with cash gifts to rural county nonprofit organizations. Monsanto also is a top industry partner with U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance, and it was the original force behind establishing the television series “America’s Heartland,” although it has now moved on from that TV sponsorship.

Monsanto announced that in addition to the new television commercials starting on Thanksgiving Day, the America’s Farmers campaign will be heard on the radio and seen on billboards along major U.S. highways. Each farm family in the campaign will also be featured in a behind-the-scenes look at farm life through a series of webisodes at

The three farm families featured in the 2012 campaign include:

  • P.J. Haynie family, Hague, Va. – farms corn, wheat, soybeans and barley
  • Kelly Woodrow family, Springerton, Ill. – farms corn, soybeans and raises hogs
  • Bill Schroeder family, Reynolds, Ind. – farms corn and soybeans