Monsanto issued a statement in response to the Australian Supreme Court ruling on crop co-existence.

"The judgment handed down by the Western Australian Supreme Court reaffirms that different crops can be successfully grown side-by-side in Australia.

"This legal dispute has been difficult for the farmers and communities involved. We hope that representatives from all farming sectors can work together to ensure disputes like this are avoided in the future.

"Australian farmers and consumers alike can be assured that local agriculture is successfully providing the choice in crops and food they expect.

"Organic, conventional and GM crops have grown side-by-side in Australia for many years which has contributed to the international competitiveness of local farmers. We expect Australia's long history of being able to use different production systems to continue to improve the success and sustainability of local agriculture.

"Australian farmers are increasingly turning to Roundup Ready canola for its effective weed control and impressive yields. In addition to the agronomic benefits, a recent independent study revealed that Roundup Ready canola reduced farmers' environmental footprint through lowered diesel consumption and herbicide use."