Monsanto is in the process of withdrawing its requests for cultivation of genetically modified seed crops in the European Union. Monsanto announced earlier this year it would be scaling back its GM seeds from the EU market.

Monsanto has already withdrawn four out of eight applications for GM corn traits in the EU, including MON810xNK603, MON89034, MON89034xMON88017 and MON89034xNK603.

MON810 is the only biotech corn being grown in the EU, and Monsanto plans to continue to sell in the EU.

Reports that Monsanto had applied for SmartStax in Europe were inaccurate, according to Monsanto’s UK spokesman, Mark Buckingham. Monsanto never applied for cultivation approval for that variety. SmartStax is still undergoing evaluation for the EU market.

EU’s negative stance toward biotech crops led to Monsanto’s announcement in July that it would be scaling back its GM crops in Europe. But this does not mean that Monsanto is withdrawing from the EU market all together. The company intends to focus on investing in conventional seed production and breeding.