Kip Cullers, Purdy, Mo., harvested the biggest yield in the Missouri Soybean Association yield contest again this year. Cullers is a perennial contest winner at the state and national level. This year his top yield was 108.8 bushels per acre grown under irrigation.

The Missouri soybean group is one of the first to announce yield contest winners. Of the three production methods, irrigated, conventional and no-till, the third-place winner in the irrigated category had the lowest yield of all the top three category winners at 68.3 bushels per acre.

J.P. Dunn, field services project coordinator for the Missouri Soybean Association, was quoted as referring to the deadly May 22 tornado that flattened Joplin, Mo., as being a change in weather date to less than ideal rainfall for much of the state. "There were farmers who irrigated who still didn't get much of a crop. These guys did a good job to get a good yield in a real challenging year," he said.

Also of note is that of the winners, five earned their win planting Pioneer soybean varieties and four won with Asgrow varieties. Cullers has been winning with Pioneer seed varieties.

The highest yields per production besides Cullers was Steve Riegel, Washingon, Mo., with a yield of 86.3 bushels per acre grown under conventional tillage practices, and the no-till yield winner was Charles Hinkebein, Chaffee, Mo., with a yield of 83.6 bushels per acre. 

"Each year we encourage farmers to try new things to raise their management level to increase their yields," said Dale Ludwig, executive director and chief executive officer of the Missouri Soybean Association. "It is our hope that producers across the state learn from one another on ways to increase their yields each year."