While residents near the Mississippi River deal with rising floodwaters firsthand, the rest of the country could soon feel the effects of the record flooding in a different way.

Experts warn that the price of gasoline could rise just in time for Memorial Day travel since oil wells and refineries in Louisiana will be threatened by flooding.

The average price for a gallon of gasoline was $3.90 on Thursday, down about 8 cents from the week prior.

According to CNN, 11 refineries responsible for producing over 1 million barrels of gasoline a day are in the path of floodwaters. The U.S. as a whole produces around 8 million barrels a day.

Preparations are underway to protect the refineries, and officials are optimistic that major damage can be avoided.

However, barge traffic up and down the Mississippi, important in the transportation of crude materials, is expected to be impacted for several weeks by the high waters.

Officials have restricted large barge traffic already out of fear the large boats could lead to displaced water overflowing banks and levees. This disruption alone could lead to a marginal increase in gas prices.

As of early Friday, the Mississippi was cresting at record levels in Natchez, Miss., and will continue to rise immediately downstream into this weekend.

The opening of the spillway at Morganza, La., has alleviated flooding concerns downstream in Baton Rouge and New Orleans and could spare many of the refineries from the worst of the flooding.