Legislators in Minnesota are looking at a bill that would allow other forms of biofuels other than ethanol to be mixed with gasoline in the state.

The bill also would set an “aspirational goal” of using a 30 percent mixture of biofuels by 2025, said Tim Rudnicki, executive director of the Minnesota Biofuels Association. But the 30 percent blend would not be a mandate.

Rudnicki explained that the intent of the legislation is to open the door to other forms of biofuel than just ethanol.

The bill would replace the word “ethanol” with the word “biofuels” to allow room for other biofuels such as butanol and other forms that have yet to be invented.

The main biofuel the legislation is seeking to be allowed in the fuel blends is isobutanol. If this law is passed, it would create competition at the pump, which is believed will lower prices for other corn-based fuels.