Potash Ridge Corporation announced it has filed its "Notice of Intention to Commence Large Mining Operations" with the Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining for the Blawn Mountain Sulphate of Potash Project. This major permit application has been filed in compliance with Utah minerals mining rules for permitting large mining operations in the state.

"Our filing of this notice is another significant milestone culminating from considerable effort over the last 12 months," said Guy Bentinck, president and chief executive officer. "The corporation has made major advances on the project since we started development just over two years ago. A strong economic case, based on 40 years of mineable reserves at Blawn Mountain was reported in the positive prefeasibility study completed last month. The Blawn Mountain Project will create important jobs in Beaver County and surrounding areas, and the corporation will be working closely with Utah State and county officials to continue to advance the project."

The Large Mining Permit required major environmental and baseline assessments, which were completed over the last year. No issues that would impede project development were identified, and assessments have been utilized to develop best practices for mining and reclamation for the site.

Potash Ridge anticipates that the efficient review process in place in Utah will result in a timely approval of its application.

Potash Ridge is a Canadian-based development company with plans to develop the sulphate of potash and alumina project into long-term mining production. The company's Blawn Mountain Project consists of four areas of surface mineable alunite mineralization in Utah. Alunite is a sulfate mineral ore rich in both sulphate of potash and alumina.