An article on points out the significant discrepancy in donations for relief efforts for the Boston bombing victims and the West Fertilizer plant explosion victims.

The article clearly states the discrepancy. “More than $26 million has been raised in the wake of the April 15 Boston blasts. And it appears that donations for West total well under $1 million.”

These two tragedies occurred the same week and yet the Boston bombing received the lion’s share of mainstream media reporting. However, the impact of both events is miles apart. The loss of 15 in a small town like West, Texas, is especially significant because many of these victims were fire fighters and EMT personnel. These volunteers are usually the backbone of a small community—business people and workers with families.

The people of West weren’t just killed or injured; they and their families lost homes and all their belongings, in many cases.   

Main stream media has overlooked the tragedy at West Fertilizer and yet the need for donations is much greater in West, Texas.

To read the full CNN story, click here.