MANA introduces Captan Gold 80 WDG with its unique formulation and packaging. Captan Gold fungicide controls tough fungal diseases in pome, stone and other fruits.

Setting itself apart from all other captan formulations on the market, Captan Gold is a low-dust, low-foam formulation that easily and quickly mixes into spray tanks. These handling properties help mixers and applicators save time without having to wait long for foam to subside or for the product to mix into solution.

 The Captan Gold 80 WDG packaging also aids in handling with its convenient bag properties and sizes. The unique 20-pound bag is the perfect size for a 500-gallon spray tank, and it comes with an EZ-Open top that mixers can quickly open without using any tools. Once unfolded, the top of the bag has a handle to allow for steady pouring. Captan Gold 80 WDG also comes in 30-pound bag and 6.25-pound standup pouch, both featuring tear notch openings, eliminating the need for tools to open.

“Backed by more than 50 years of captan manufacturing, the Captan Gold 80 WDG formulation sets a new standard for one of the most essential fungicides for tree fruit and other specialty crop growers,” said Sara Zinck, MANA marketing leader. “The new EZ-Open and standup packaging round out the distinct Captan Gold offering and will help shift the perception of captan for mixers and applicators.”

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