Not willing to admit defeat just yet, LightSquared has asked the Federal Communications Commission for an extension on its waiver to use satellites for mobile internet services.

Earlier this month, the FCC decided to revoke the company’s waiver, which is set to expire Friday, March 2. In addition, the comment period on the waiver ends Friday as well. LightSquared has asked the FCC to extend the comment period until March 30. The company claims the FCC has been in a “rush to judgment” of its system.

The decision came after no workable solution was found that would prevent LightSquared’s wireless network from bleeding over into other frequency bands already used for global positioning satellite (GPS) devices in agriculture, aviation, military and civilian uses. LightSquared proposed alternatives, but many GPS manufacturers claimed those did not solve the real problem and did not want to pay for upgrades to equipment that could be costly.

LightSquared has objected to the tests and findings that indicate the wireless network and the proposed alternatives still interfere with other devices.