A lawsuit that a public relations firmed filed against Pakistan-based Fatima Group and Midwest Fertilizer Corp. has been dismissed.

Fatima had hired Levick Strategic Communications to help it promote the building of a nitrogen fertilizer plant in Posey County, Indiana. Fatima is one of several international investors in Midwest Fertilizer Corp., which will be building the new plant.

In July, Levick filed a lawsuit against Fatima and Midwest Fertilizer in U.S. District Court in the District of Columbia.

In its lawsuit, Levick claimed that Fatima owed more than $400,000 for services Levick had provided, which included a trip to Pakistan to produce a video demonstrating a new type of fertilizer Fatima is developing.

On Aug. 1, Levick filed a notice of dismissal on the complaint voluntarily.

In a statement from Levick, which was provided to Courier & Press by Levick Senior Vice President Dan Rene, said Levick has “fully resolved its contractual issues” with Midwest Fertilizer and Fatima. Courier & Press went on to report that whether Levick had parted ways with Midwest and Fatima or are still working together is unclear at this point.