The latest data suggests that the wet spring did reduce acreage planted to major crops, despite the data in the June Acreage report showing that actual acreage was very near intentions.

Large number of acres went unplantedUSDA has recently released compliance data reported to the Farm Services Agency (FSA). This data shows that farmers could not plant a little more than 8 million acres to major crops this spring and nearly 45 percent of those acres would have been planted to corn.

Once USDA incorporates this new information into the October Crop Production forecast, crop balance sheets may be a little tighter than what we have seen in recent reports.

The total for prevented planted acres for the 10 crops in the USDA summary table for 2013 is 8.2 million. By far the largest total is in North Dakota where the prevented planted acreage is reported at 2.8 million acres. The second highest total is Minnesota (900,000 acres).

If we calculate the sum of the prevented planted acres for all crops the total is 9.3 million. The recent high was in 2011 when farmers were unable to plant just over 11 million acres.

Farmers that reported compliance data to USDA say they were unable to plant 3.57 million acres of corn—but did plant 91.43 million.