Sinochem Fertilizer Co Ltd., China’s largest fertilizer supplier and distributor, covering the whole industry chain of resource, research and development, production, distribution, and agrochemical service, and Keytrade AG have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for Sinochem fertilizers and other Chinese fertilizers to be marketed by Keytrade AG in Latin America and Africa.

Sinochem Fertilizer has an international reputation for a high standard of quality products and this agreement reinforces Keytrade AG’s commitment to supply customers the finest fertilizers available, the company announced.

Keytrade AG is a company first registered in Switzerland in May 1997, which was established by senior mineral fertilizer traders who worked in the sector for several decades. The company trades globally in all kinds of fertilizers using the expertise of more than 25 traders who actively cover more than 90 countries.

In 2007, CF Industries Inc., the world’s second largest nitrogen producer, acquired 50 percent of Keytrade AG, according to the company website. Since October 2007, Keytrade and its subsidiaries have been exclusively exporting CF Industries’ phosphate fertilizers in the international markets and are also responsible for exclusive imports of UAN solutions into North American markets.

In 2011, Keytrade AG diversified and expanded its global trading activities by adding grains, meals and proteins and other related agricultural commodities to its portfolio.