July is “Smart Irrigation Month” as proclaimed by the Irrigation Association (IA) ever since 2005. It is an initiative to increase agricultural producer, landscaper and the public awareness of the value of water-use efficiency, plus grow demand for water-saving products, practices and services.

Interest in water savings and efficiency should be at a peak this year because of the extreme heat and drought that most of the nation has been going through since June or even earlier. The Irrigation Association notes that July is traditionally the month of peak water demand in North America. But July will have to be extremely severe drought weather for water demand to be higher than June.

We should expect to see advertising from companies promoting their expertise in water conservation techniques and technology during July. The Smart Irrigation Month campaign is designed as noted by the IA to:

  • Educate homeowners, businesses, growers and other users about simple ways to save money and water.
  • Encourage industry firms and professionals to promote smart irrigation practices and technologies to customers.
  • Help water providers minimize peak water use and reduce demands on infrastructure in their communities.
  • Reinforce the role efficient irrigation plays in providing real solutions to today’s water challenges.

As we look at the water situation worldwide, it is logical to expect those who irrigate to do so in the most efficient and water saving ways possible, not just during July but year round.