John Deere announced its 8335R row-crop tractor broke the 300-rated PTO horsepower barrier at the Nebraska Tractor Test Lab, Lincoln, Neb. John Deere touted this as the first tractor with an Interim Tier 4 engine to complete the Nebraska OECD testing.

The company also confidently announced the 8360R currently under similar testing will break this horsepower record

In the 75 percent of pull at max power drawbar test, the 8335R delivered 15.45 hp hours per gallon. “That’s better fuel efficiency than the 8320R it replaced and up to 28 percent more efficient than Tier 3 competitive tractors’ official results,” said Chad Hogan, division marketing manager, Waterloo Tractor Works.

“These results confirm our investment in EGR engine technology to bring excellent power and performance to our new 8R Tractors,” emphasized Hogan. “Our single fluid approach to meeting IT4 emissions standards delivers a cleaner-burning engine with plenty of power and lower fluid costs than competitive models. Unlike SCR systems, customers do not need a second fluid, urea, when operating these tractors.”

The company provided no insight as to when such Tier 4 power motors will be incorporated into the John Deere applicator line-up.