The Irrigation Association announced it is holding its first-ever Agricultural Irrigation Advocacy Day to be held in conjunction with National Ag Day, March 7, 8. It is free and open for participation to members of the Irrigation Association.

IA’s Agricultural Irrigation Advocacy Day aims to educate manufacturers, manufacturers’ representatives, dealers and distributors on issues relevant to their industry and connect them with the public officials responsible for influencing agricultural policy.

The programming is being led by IA Federal Affairs Director John Farner. The event will begin with an issues briefing and IA dinner. The second day will revolve around congressional and department meetings and opportunities to discuss legislative issues. The events will be combined with Ag Day’s Mix-and-Mingle luncheon and the Celebration of Agriculture dinner at the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Whitten Building.

For more information about IA’s Agricultural Irrigation Advocacy Day, click here or e-mail John Farner at