Stoller released new research from Iowa State University that found substantial yield increases on corn and soybean research plots in Ames, Iowa, at its annual conference Jan. 16-18. A total of three soybean and corn research plots, established by researchers from Iowa State and Stoller representatives, were designed to test the yield impact of Stoller product applications.

The study revealed yield increases up to 9 bu/acre on soybeans and 22 bu/acre on corn.  University researchers from Iowa State utilized Stoller’s Bio-Forge and X-Tra Power to advance the study of how to manage crop stress and improve yields of row crops. Tested and validated at over 50 universities nationwide, Stoller’s Bio-Forge has proven to manage plant growth hormones to an optimal level—thus increasing root mass, plant health, and yields. 

“StollerUSA maintains strong relationships with many universities to validate the efficacy of our current products and to accelerate the development of new technologies and products.” shared Wayne Smith, general manager at StollerUSA. “Growers want proof that our products perform. By working with Universities we have the validity of scientific research. By working with farmers across the nation we demonstrate proven performance under real world conditions with the pressures of mother nature and ROI calculations.”  

In addition to the findings from the Iowa State research, University and field trial results from across the world will be presented at the US Ag Conference held Jan. 16-18, 2012, which had 130 registrants. Now in its 19th year the US Ag Conference, held in Houston Texas, is an information and idea-sharing gathering sponsored by Stoller Enterprises, Inc. 

This year’s preliminary Conference Agenda included presentations by university researchers from Penn State, North Carolina State, University of Florida, and University of Illinois as well as researchers from Canada, Peru, Brazil and Australia. A total of more than fifty presenters shared their thoughts, ideas and findings to advance agriculture. Climate challenges and population growth fuels the US Ag Conference’s quest to discover new and more efficient ways to increase yields while controlling costs. 

“U.S. Ag Associates Conference brings people together to discuss the changing problems growers are facing in their fields,” states Jerry Stoller, founder and CEO of StollerUSA. “I arranged this conference to share research and ideas to better understand crops and the importance of learning from those around you. It’s a unique opportunity … a farmer in Ohio has the ability to take something discovered in Brazil or elsewhere in the world and apply it to his own row crops or vice versa.”

To learn more about the 19th Annual U.S. Ag Associates Conference and view the agenda for this year’s presentations visit