Corn-on-corn production can be rewarding for farmers but is accompanied by a unique set of challenges that require critical management decisions. Achieving optimal corn yield potential requires a holistic, year-round plan.

Rick Myroup, Dekalb brand manager, said the company recognized the need to provide corn-on-corn farmers with solutions. “That’s why we’ve launched an extensive online resource guide, called Acres of Gold,” he said.

This online guide helps farmers understand the key yield factors that impact corn yield potential in corn-on-corn systems, as well as the seasonal importance of each factor. In an interactive step-by-step progression, farmers will be able to see the potential impacts of each yield factor throughout the development of a corn crop and identify opportunities to optimize a farmer’s production system to achieve their own “Acres of Gold.”

Farmers can visit and search for solutions and tips by season or by yield optimizing factors. The seasonal approach of the site walks farmers through what they should be thinking about during the following times: preseason planning and preparation, seedbed preparation and planting, early season, midseason, late season and harvest.

Another way to navigate through the online guide is by examining the following “Yield Factors”:

  • Environment: Learn more about how weather can directly and indirectly impact corn production and affect corn-on-corn planting compared to corn-to-soybean planting.
  • Product Selection: Be knowledgeable before making decisions as product selection is among the most important considerations impacting yield.
  • Equipment: Learn about variable rate planters and how they provide an opportunity to match optimum seeding rates to the productivity of each segment of a field.
  • Fertility: Using current soil test values and determining crop removal rates of nutrients like phosphorus and potassium can help guide fertility management decisions.
  • Tillage/Residue Management: Learn about tillage options and alternatives.
  • Insect Management: Understand the presence and potential impact of insect pests in corn-on-corn systems.
  • Disease Management: Get recommendations for the best practices that help manage the many factors that contribute to disease.
  • Weed Management: See tips for effective weed management solutions for winter annuals.