The Independent Professional Seed Association (IPSA) and AGDATA announce their cooperation in conducting the AgCelerate Seed Stewardship Pilot, a new program from AGDATA LP. Beginning with grower trait license agreements, AgCelerate creates a standardization process to steward compliance and strengthen relationships between growers, trait providers, seed companies and seed suppliers. 

AgCelerate is the only data network to provide a centralized process for recording and executing trait license agreements, and to also offer single site convenience to manage multiple agreements. The AgCelerate network is designed to reduce or eliminate agreement duplicates and multiple site visits.

The Independent Professional Seed Association represents nearly 100 seed companies from more than 25 states and Canada addressing today’s research and biotechnology issues and increasing the media presence of the industry.

AGDATA LP specializes in point of sale and EDI data collection, database management and marketing program administration.