The fertilizer news out of Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine seems to be increasing as we look at the international fertilizer market. That part of the world is shaking up the industry as it tries to grab more of the international fertilizer sales. The countries need export income and are looking for the competitive edge.

The company Uralchem joined the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI) at the board of IPNI directors’ meeting held on Sept. 24 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Two representatives of the company were elected to the IPNI board.

Although IPNI has become well known in the U.S. for promoting the 4Rs of fertilizer use and application, the organization actually has a small membership and small affiliate membership. But its members have business clout in the fertilizer industry.   

Membership of IPNI is composed of companies that are basic producers of one or more of the major plant nutrients (nitrogen, phosphate, potash, and sulfur) for agricultural purposes and large retail organizations. Members of IPNI include (alphabetically): Agrium Inc.; Arab Potash Company; Belarusian Potash Company; CF Industries Holdings, Inc.; Great Salt Lake Minerals; Incitec Pivot; Intrepid Potash, Inc.; International Raw Materials LTD.; K+S KALI GmbH; OCP S.A.; PotashCorp; QAFCO; Simplot; Sinofert Holdings Limited; SQM; The Mosaic Company; Toros Tarim; Uralchem; and Uralkali.

Affiliate members of IPNI include (alphabetically): Arab Fertilizer Association (AFA); Associação Nacional para Difusão de Adubos (ANDA); Canadian Fertilizer Institute (CFI); Fertiliser Association of India (FAI); International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA); International Potash Institute (IPI); and The Fertilizer Institute (TFI).

"Uralchem is an innovative-minded company, investing actively in the R&D field. We are, therefore, pleased to become a member of a leading scientific organization that brings forward agro-chemical science.

“Combining our research efforts will improve efficient solutions for the responsible manufacturing, as well as for use of fertilizers in order to meet the growing global demand for agricultural products," said Dmitry Konyaev, with Uralchem.  

Uralchem is based out of Moscow, Russia, and produces fertilizer from four facilities located within the Kirov, Perm and Moscow regions. In 2012, Uralchem produced 25.5 percent of Russian ammonium nitrate, 20.2 percent of ammonia, 19.8 percent of urea, and 11.3 percent of phosphate fertilizers, IPNI reported.