The new 3376 Series Cleanload chemical eduction system allows farmers to mix liquid and dry chemicals safely and quickly at ground level. It features the new CycloRinse system, which provides premium tank cleaning and meltdown of flowable powders, such as AMS, with an open lid for continuous chemical filling. “The Cleanload extends the life of your transfer pumps by educting abrasive and corrosive chemicals downstream from the pump,” states Jared Krueger, product manager at Hypro. “Using the Cleanload further improves the quality of your tank mix by bringing the concentrate into a supersaturated stream that is then dispersed into the tank in a clean and easy process.”

The 3376 Series Cleanload is available with three different size eductors to match your application needs, each with a right-hand and a left-hand flow configuration. Choose the 8mm eductor for high-pressure, low-flow applications when using roller pumps or diaphragm pumps. The 11mm eductor is designed for use with on-board sprayer’s high-pressure, high-flow applications. The 16mm eductor works with low-pressure, high-flow applications, such as transfer pump applications.

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