Hypro recently introduced the Push-to-Connect Nozzle Bodies and FastCaps designed for adapting fertilization and nutrient application kits to planters, seeders, and toolbars. The Push-to-Connect Nozzle Bodies replace leak-prone threaded fittings in these systems with a design that utilizes a double O-ring to provide superior sealing of the hose in the Push-to-Connect fitting.

“Whether it be for in-row, top dress or banding applications, the Push-to-Connect Nozzle Body will provide easy installation and implementation for drip-free control,” states Gene Schellhorn, product manager at Hypro. “The Push-to-Connect product line will offer the required versatility needed for today’s liquid fertilizer applications.”

The Push-to-Connect product line is available with either 1/4” or 3/8” Push-to-Connect fittings. The nozzle bodies are available in two different configurations:

  • Push-to-Connect by Push-to Connect configuration eliminates threaded fittings, providing fast maintenance and increased reliability
  • Push-to-Connect by Bayonet offers the flexibility of either standard spray tip caps or the Push-to Connect FastCaps, which allow the use of flow regulating discs for precision metering

To receive more information on the new Push-to-Connect Nozzle Bodies and FastCaps, please contact Hypro at 1-800-424-9776, or visit www.hypropumps.com.