Hemisphere GPS and AgSync, Inc. announced their partnership and release of HQ Sync—a seamless bridge between Hemisphere GPS’ HQ real-time Web-based asset tracking tool and the AgSync work order management system. HQ Sync offers comprehensive agricultural services targeted at saving time and money for agricultural aviation companies.

HQ allows companies to track the position and position‑related data of aircraft and other assets, such as spotter vehicles and loader trucks. AgSync uses their latest technology to streamline crop protection and fertilizer application processes. By connecting the two, HQ Sync gives application companies important tools to manage complexities including: communication, application scheduling, state permit reporting, billing, record keeping, regulatory management, and asset tracking.

Aerial application companies will realize greater communication with their customers, improved organization and communication with the pilots, efficiency and safety through improved flight planning, and better ground crew information and preparation. Application planning is streamlined and input costs are reduced significantly as a dispatcher can better manage work orders and direct the aircraft to avoid duplicate or inaccurate applications. Viewing real-time information, communicating scheduled and completed work immediately, and being able to review previous flight data also allows companies to verify work is being done properly.

“Hemisphere GPS’ air business is focused on products featuring agricultural services that save time and money for customers through more efficient use of instant information,” said Greg Guyette, General Manager of the Air Business Unit at Hemisphere GPS. “Imagine a world where jobs are created from the truck or coffee shop, and a bill is sent the same minute the job is finished with thorough statistics of precisely what was done and where. With HQ Sync, this capability is now a reality.”

“Today’s luxury of real-time work order tracking from recommendation to completion is tomorrow’s necessity,” said Clay Rassi, AgSync Sales Manager.  “HQ Sync connects the pilot and plane into the live work order tracking loop to allow growers, consultants, chemical suppliers, and applicators to communicate like never before.”

HQ Sync will be featured at aerial application shows around the country in 2012 including the Texas Agricultural Aviation Association’s Convention in Fort Worth, TX on January 4th and the Arkansas Agricultural Aviation Association’s Convention on January 8th. HQ is currently available for Hemisphere GPS air products through their global dealer network. Hemisphere GPS will link HQ to AgSync for all AgSync customers upon request – connecting Hemisphere GPS hardware directly to the services of AgSync. For more information about HQ Sync visit www.hemispheregps.com/hqsync.