Wesley Haun, research agronomist at H.J. Baker’s Tiger-Sul Products and Martin Campfield, director of Tiger-Sul product management and international sales will lead an agriculture webinar on “The Agronomics and Economics on Micronutrients.”

Crops need a full spectrum of nutrient, NPKS and micronutrients, to maximize yields.  Research has demonstrated that micronutrients are required in small quantities and are essential to plants.  The challenge is three fold:

  1. Apply the correct micronutrient types and quantities for the crop;
  2. Precisely distribute them;
  3. Ensure they are converted into plant available forms

Attendees will learn about the unique properties of sulphur; why its interactions with micronutrients make it the ideal partner for micronutrient delivery; and how to determine the correct quantities of micronutrients. In addition there will be discussion on the value of precision spatial distribution and how to improve it to ensure enhanced nutrient availability. This webinar will explain how to prevent deficiencies and save money on logistics, while providing the highest nutrient value per pound of fertilizer. Successful growers understand the economics of maximizing yield, and know sulphur and micronutrient can produce higher yields.

Haun is the research agronomist with H.J. Baker & Bro., Inc./Tiger-Sul Products. He conducts research on sulphur bentonite applications and coordinates research projects with various research organizations in United States of America and internationally. He leads seminars on sulphur bentonite and incorporates research results which demonstrate its agronomic benefits. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree and Masters Degree from the University of Tennessee, majoring in Plant and Soil Science. His professional certifications include Certified Professional Agronomist, Certified Professional Soil Scientist, and Certified Crop Adviser. He has a diverse agronomy background that spans retail sales/consulting at farm gate to technical agronomist at regional and national levels.

Campfield graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agronomy. He has a diverse agronomy background that spans retail sales/consulting at the farm gate to technical agronomist at regional and national levels. At H.J. Baker he facilitates supply chain flow, production and delivery of all Tiger-Sul Products. He is an integral part of the marketing and R&D teams and manages all international sales channels. Previously he was with Harsco, Inc. where he worked with production, quality and sales teams in the United States, Canada and Brazil.  

The webinar will be held live January 29th at 2:00 pm CST and will last approximately 45 minutes. The live event will include a question and answer session. Participants can register at http://www.tigersul.com/.

For more information on H.J. Baker & Bro., Inc., visit http://www.hjbaker.com/.