H.J. Baker & Bro., Inc. recently completed a planned expansion of its Stockton, Calif., plant where it manufacturers Tiger-Sul’s Tiger 90CR and Tiger Micronutrients sulphur fertilizers. A second pastillation belt has been added. This will allow for expanded production to meet increased customer demand. Stockton is one of three H.J. Baker’s Tiger-Sul manufacturing facilities in North America and produces pastillated sulphur-based fertilizer products for agriculture and other applications.

Christopher Smith, president and CEO of H.J. Baker said: “We are very pleased to make this announcement. This new expansion will permit us to double the amount of

Tiger 90CR and Tiger Micronutrients  sulphur fertilizers available to our customers in the western United States and allow us to meet the demands of our rapidly growing customer base. H.J. Baker is committed to responding to customer demands. Using Tiger 90CR sulphur allows the farmer to spread 1/3 the amount of product versus traditional soil sulphur application to his crop while maintaining appropriate coverage and saving valuable resources. By adding a second pastillation belt we are committed to the expansion of bentonite sulphur throughout the western states.”

The Tiger-Sul pastillation process produces an especially uniform product that is an excellent fit for California soils.   These products encompass environmentally friendly features such as a season-long release of nutrients that minimizes nutrient loss to the environment while improving plant availability. Many of H.J. Baker’s Tiger-Sul products are also listed for use in organic farming systems.