An attorney for the American Farm Bureau Federation said environmental groups are mischaracterizing their court challenge of the federal Environmental Protection Agency's Chesapeake Bay restoration strategy.

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation and other environmental groups announced Wednesday that they are asking a federal judge to allow them to join the court fight in support of the EPA strategy of cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay. AFBF disagrees with the EPA’s methods and involvement.

AFBF attorney Ellen Steen on Wednesday said the federation had not yet reviewed a motion to intervene by the environmental groups and had not decided whether or not it opposes the motion, reported the Associated Press.

Steen said AFBF is not fighting to stop or slow restoration efforts of the Chesapeake Bay, but the federation believes the EPA has overstepped its authority and the states should be driving the effort. AFBF, which is the organization that represents the largest percentage of American farmers, sued the EPA in January claiming the EPA should not be driving a state issue.