Last week, the global fertilizer industry cooperating organizations announced the “Roots for Growth” campaign to highlight the important role that fertilizers play in addressing global food security responsibly, efficiently and sustainably.

Much of the campaign highlights agricultural achievements through the use of processed fertilizers and the ambitious goals that must be met to feed a rapidly swelling world population. The campaign includes “an array of online materials aimed at informing policy debates and encouraging dialogue.”

Their online slides are illustrating issues, outlook for the future and accomplishments. The entire composite of materials, including 17 illustrated graphs and charts are available by going to Example slides are provided here as a small slide show.

Roots for Growth is a global initiative being led by a coalition of leading fertilizer associations with the U.S. represented by The Fertilizer Institute. Other leading associations are the Brazilian industry association called Associação Nacional para Difusão de Adubos (ANDA), Canadian Fertilizer Institute (CFI), Fertilizers Europe, and the International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA).

Jacob Hansen, Director General of Fertilizers, Europe said, “Fertilizers are essential in boosting crop productivity and maintaining soil fertility whilst also improving rural livelihoods, protecting natural habitats and making agriculture more carbon-efficient.”

Ford West, president of TFI, said, “This campaign aims to raise awareness and dialogue around fertilizer’s role in supporting global food security and sustainable agricultural production.”

Much of the Roots for Growth campaign emphasizes assistance needed so that the poorest farmers, those growing crops to be self-sufficient, know how to wisely use and can afford necessary fertilizer. Sub-Saharan Africa is used as a prime example because that area has 10 percent of the world’s population but only uses 0.8 percent of the world’s fertilizer.