Farmers are quoted as using more chemicals to combat weeds resistant to glyphosate herbicides in a USA Today article in the newspaper and on line.

In typical style for the newspaper, the article is quite short and quotes growers and university Extension in the Delta. The farmer complaints as written are that they have to use more herbicides—old, high-volume products, and the Center for Food Safety is mentioned as suggesting more herbicide use “has real public health implications.”

Monsanto put its message together pointing out that everyone in agriculture has learned that continuous use of the same product will result in resistance and that Monsanto has an answer coming soon to help farmers. The product will be a combination of biotech plants resistant to both glyphosate and dicamba herbicides—Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybeans.

Crops resistant to Liberty herbicide from Bayer CropScience are mentioned as an alternative weed control in the last paragraph.

Click here to read the full USA Today article of April 17.