Gavilon Fertilizer, LLC announced it will be the exclusive distributor of Arborite AG in the United States and Mexico. Arborite AG uses technology developed for Weyerhaeuser to help plants reach their full potential by reducing nitrogen volatilization.

“We are very pleased to provide the agricultural industry a proven product that will maximize farmers’ nitrogen investments,” said Brian Harlander, president of Gavilon Fertilizer. “The distribution of Arborite AG will be supported by our extensive North American distribution network, as well as our specialty fertilizer division, microSource.”

Arborite AG uses Weyerhaeuser’s unique solvent system to either coat urea granules with n-butyl thiophosphoric triamide (NBPT) or mix it into urea and nitrogen solution. This technology, which Gavilon is licensing, was initially used by Weyerhaeuser for its southern pine plantations and has been modified for agricultural use. The original forestry product has been in use since 1998.

For business inquiries about Arborite AG, please contact Kipp Smallwood at (855) 864-2767 or Leigh Hamric at (843) 292-0361. Visit for more product information.