The J. R. Simplot Company has announced the introduction of four new premium performing adjuvants to their line-up of premium proprietary adjuvants from Plant Health Technologies (PHT).

The new adjuvants are:

  •  Delete-IT- powerful spray system cleaner
  • Track-IT - foam marker with superior longevity
  • Vestis - OMRI listed nonionic organosilicone wetting agent
  • Volare DC - improved drift control, deposition and coverage designed specifically for aerial application equipment

The PHT-branded specialty product line includes a wide variety of foliar and soil applied nutrients, and a full line of adjuvants, soil amendments, and plant-growth stimulants to help ensure the best crop possible.

“Our responsibility at PHT is to make sure that our crop advisers have the best products available to them as they do their best to add value for their customer, the grower.” said Jason Radford, director of Plant Health Technologies & Specialty Products at Simplot.