Growers now have a powerful insecticide with three-way protection against aphids, stinkbugs and other key pests. FMC Corporation announces Triple Crown insecticide - a unique insecticide providing soybean, corn and cotton growers quick knockdown with residual and translaminar activity.

“Triple Crown complements other FMC insecticides, including Hero and Stallion, which can be used in soybeans, cotton and other crops,” said Joe Reed, technical services representative of FMC Agricultural Products. “We are excited about the addition of Triple Crown to the overall FMC insecticide portfolio.”

As a combination pyrethroid and neo-nicotinoid insecticide, Triple Crown offers post-systemic and contact activity in the plant. Its translaminar activity penetrates through the leaf to control pests with piercing or suckling mouth parts, including aphids. Triple Crown provides excellent control of other key foliar pests.

“Triple Crown is an optimized premix formulation, mixing well with herbicides, fungicides and foliar feeds and allowing for applicator convenience,” said Reed. “The insecticide is ideal for quick knockdown and residual control of foliar insects in soybeans and other crops."