Soybean rust (SBR) was detected in a soybean sentinel plot in Prattville in Autauga County in Alabama on Aug. 3. This sighting was the first report of SBR on soybeans in the United States during the current growing season.

The soybeans were at the R5 growth stage with 100% canopy closure. Incidence of SBR within the plot was less than 1%. The disease was previously reported on kudzu in Baldwin County.

Weather conditions have been more favorable for SBR development in the past week. However, low overwintering inoculum levels appear to have resulted in a slow build-up of the disease this year.

The first report of SBR on soybeans in Alabama should be noted but growers should be paying greater attention to Frog Eye Leaf Spot (FLS).

FLS has been observed throughout the state in commercial fields and sentinel plots. Growers with FLS susceptible to moderately tolerant varieties should strongly consider applying a tank mix fungicide combination at the R3 growth stage before the disease appears in the field. Applying a fungicide after FLS appears in the field is not an effective method of controlling this disease.

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