The new residual Fierce herbicide has received EPA registration in corn and is now available for no-till and reduced-tillage field corn growers looking for a consistent, long-lasting solution to tough weeds.

Why is Fierce an excellent option for corn growers looking to control tough weeds?

1. Based on years of research Fierce provides long-lasting residual control -- up to eight weeks -- of tough broadleaf weeds and grasses.

Fierce on corn.
2. Fierce provides consistent control of a broader spectrum of weeds and grasses, than any other residual in the trials.

3. Fierce contains two modes of action-Valor herbicide (a trusted residual herbicide) and pyroxasulfone (from a new chemical family). Researchers say that using more than one mode of action is key in resistance management.

4. Fierce provides residual control of glyphosate-, ALS- and ACCase-resistant weeds.

"By combining Valor with pyroxasulfone, growers will now have a single herbicide to tackle even the toughest weeds and grasses," said Trey Soud, Valent product marketing manager. "Fierce consistently provides this superior broadleaf and grass control that growers need to help manage resistance and protect their yield."

Fierce is also pending EPA registration for use in soybeans and is anticipated to be registered in time for the 2013 season.