A global leader in variable rate technology, Farmers Edge, announced a joint venture with ISOBUS, M2M and telematics provider, FarmCommand. This investment will leave Farmers Edge with controlling interest.

All users—from farmers to grain buyers and investors—can now access and manage farm data in real-time using the Precision Edge platform with new ISOBUS enabled telematics integration. The two technologies integrate together and standardize electronic communication between farm implements while storing, processing and delivering data in a defined application.

Company officials expect this merger will help Farmers Edge grow through increased customer satisfaction. Improving communication through the cloud allows for improved functionality on the farm. In order to promote sustainable agriculture, Farmers Edge sees the value gained by capturing data and using it to farm more efficiently.

This partnership provides users with more tools to access critical business information using strategic technology from FarmCommand and a proven platform from Farmers Edge. The struggle of maintaining a balance between less environmental impact and more of a world population requires an edge. That edge is data management, according to the companies involved in the joint venture.

Farmers Edge explained that it is demonstrating its continued commitment to innovation by collaborating with advanced technologies to growers around the world by investing in FarmCommand.

“We have joined teams with FarmCommand to shape solutions towards our goal of sustainable precision agronomy. This powerful combination will be a boost to our business-minded farmers who want to use technology more directly, manage assets more effectively and grow more precisely,” said Wade Barnes, CEO and president of Farmers Edge.

Ron Osborne, founder of FarmCommand.com, said, “Our emerging 2014-2015 technologies create new data acquisition strategies. These coming joint solutions ensure that the Farmers Edge customers have better analytics, information and solutions than ever before. We have some very exciting joint solutions underway and are pleased to join Farmers Edge."

For more information on Farmers Edge, visit their website at http://www.farmersedge.ca.